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Generation BOHICA. The first American generation to have their American Dream turn into a NIGHTMARE. Born between 1964 and 1970 Generation BOHICA is shunned by the Baby Boomers, and ignored by Generation X
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Nov 17, 2015

What is Generation BOHICA? Most sociologist and other professionals that study such things considered the baby boomer generation to be folks born between 1946 and 1964 then directly after that 1965- 1980 they consider that generation Generation X but I beg to differ.

The baby boomers, coveted for their work ethic entrepreneurial spirit, and their tenacity. But are generally unable to deal with major change in both daily operational procedures or adapt easily to massive changes in technology and automation. There rearing by the Greatest Generation instiled in them the tenacity to overcome unimaginable burdens, and pull together as a team to accomplish anything.

Generation X is coveted for their ability to easily adapt to new technology including video games which makes them invaluable to industry and the military. Although with a slightly weaker work ethic, Generation X can adapt to new operational procedures and strategies, thinking outside the box so to speak. Much easier than the baby boomers . Do to there upbringing with personal computers and video games, their skills are sought out by industry, for their ability to deal with change and automation, and the military for their eye hand coordination, ability to strategize and “operate on the fly.”

But just like astronomy sociology has no strong cut lines that define two areas ,there is always an area that is mixed. They can either be defined or included in one or the other.

There is a slim sliver between 1964 and 1970. That is generation BOHICA. Some of us lean towards Generation X with the ability to deal with new ideas new procedures and easily adapt to technology. Some of us lean towards the baby boomer generation with our strong work ethic ,loyalty, but set in our ways..

We are the ones who first encountered major social and business changes. We expected the job security and entrepreneurial opportunities that we were enjoyed by the Baby Boomers.

We were the first generation to face major corporate takeovers, both to merge into mega corps, and breakup to sell assets worth more than the business as a whole, and less secure careers just as our careers were beginning. 

We did not grow up with the modern ammenities enjoyed by generation x. Microwaves, Cable TV, Game consoles, and personal computers.

A lot of generation BOHICA began there carreers in skilled trades in industry and constrution. Nafta, and opening trade with China was the pinhole leak in the dam that was one of the root causes of the massive loss in manufacturing that is the main job opportunity that the middle class family relied on. By most accounts the dam started to leak in the early 1980s.

By 1985 200,000 manufacturing jobs were lost due to imports from China.

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Nov 11, 2015

Hi welcome to generation BOHICA  a podcast dedicated to the first generation of Americans to have our American dream turn into a nightmare. I’m your host Skinny D.  Here we will discuss news, politics, sports, and anything else I fell like extruding from my main facial orfice. So come back soon and kick back and enjoy commentary from just another 50 something old fart in the pursuit of life, liberty, and a real job.